Artisan's Labor Of Love



About Us

Sometimes our artisan doodles, and when that happens he usually finds an image emerging. If Darrin likes what the final image turns out to be, in his free time (which is rare) he sculpts it to life.

Then, you will find the artisans life work here.

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Display Stand (8Kb) Display Stand

Honduran Mahogany, Maple 12x12x45

Niche Table (11Kb) Niche Table

Walnut, Birdseye Maple 40x12x30

Niche Shelf Stand (7Kb) Niche Shelf Stand

Honduran Mahogany, Curly Maple 18x16x45

Mahogany Sideboard (16Kb) Mahogany Sideboard

Honduran Mahogany 72x20x38

Tall Bookcase (3Kb) Tall Bookcase

Curly Maple, Bubinga 40x12x36

Tall Niche Table (3Kb) Tall Niche Table

Curly Maple, Bubinga 40x12x36